Monday, September 3, 2007

Neevalle Neevalle

The story is about love between two youngsters and the jealously and misunderstanding that lead to difficult situations. Karthik (Vinay) is a software engineer who falls in love with Jhansi (Sada). However, she is a very suspicious person and cannot stand Karthik talking to other girls. The hero, in order to save his friend, who brings a girl home for the night, takes the blame on himself. This irks Jhansi, she abandons him and flies off to Australia.As luck would have it, Karthik is sent on an assignment to Australia. On the flight, he befriends a beautiful young girl who is his co-passenger. Deepika (Tanisha) happens to be an assistant of Jhansi. The friendship between Deepika and Karthik continues to irritate Jhansi but she can do nothing about it. Over a period of time, Deepika falls in love with Karthik. At a party one day, Karthik and Deepika enter into a heated argument. Jhansi, after watching this incident, realizes that lovers should not suspect each other but should clear all their misunderstandings by talking about it. Jhansi now understands that she is not suited for this kind of love and relationship. Therefore she goes away after which Karthik and Deepika finally come together.


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